Chefs for Hire


TOO BUSY TO COOK? TIRED OF EATING OUT? Let one of our chefs become your personal chef for the day and prepare delicious, nutritious kosher meals for you.

We can prepare any cuisine: e.g. French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Russian, Vegetarian/Vegan, Macrobiotic. We can put together a menu that will meet your dietary needs: Diabetic, low fat/low sodium and other dietary restrictions. Of course, we also have the traditional cuisine that reminds you of your mother’s or grandmother’s favorite recipes when you were growing up.


You can even give your friends or family a Kosher Chef for Hire Gift Certificate. It’s a great gift for new mothers, people recuperating from illness, special clients, senior citizens, or to celebrate special events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sweet 16 parties, kids’ parties, etc.


From our store - We cook in our kitchen in our store and then deliver them to your home. The price of groceries is additional depending on the ingredient selected.

In your kitchen - One of our chefs will prepare the menu, shop for groceries, go to your home and prepare several entrees, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts. Our chefs will package and store those items in your refrigerator or freezer and provide the necessary directions for reheating. Our chef will, of course, clean up afterwards.

Our chef can create small places, do sampling menus and wine pairings right in your home, all served by our expert waiter staff. All including setup and cleanup will be done by our professional staff.

Private Cooking classes for adults are available in your home. Some of our classes include: Preparing the perfect steak, Main Courses and Sides, Fabulous Fish Dinners, Holiday Meals, Soups and Appetizers, Delicious Dumplings from around the world, and many more.

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Would you like us to prepare in our store and deliver or ship? (Fraction of cost of having a chef at home)
Would you like a chef at home?
What are your food likes/dislikes (what types of food do you want to try and types you want to avoid)
Any food allergies or diet restrictions?
What date(s) do you need a chef for (event date)
Would you like a set menu?
Would you like a custom-designed menu to suit your exact needs?
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Chef for the day: $695
Traveling Chef per day plus flight and other expenses $1,100
Sous chef $398
Servers $225