About Us

Kosherorganic.com is a kosher and organic company located in New York. We are dedicated to sourcing the best meat, poultry, exotic food and fish products from all over the world focusing on sourcing as much local products as possible, always investing and creating a stronger local organic marketplace. Our products come from sustainable farms and the sustainable-raised animals are treated humanely. Our organic meat and poultry products come from farms that use organic feed, do not administer hormones or antibiotics and the animals are given their freedom to roam with access to the outdoors. The animals are fed organic feed which does not have any animal byproducts or growth hormones. The use of most synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are prohibited.

We provide kosher organic catering services. Our chefs prepare all styles: American, Chinese, Japanese, European, Middle Eastern, etc. Let us cater your next party or special event in a healthy way using all fresh organic top of the line ingredients, according to the highest kosher organic standards. Impress your guests and friends with amazing tastes from all over the world. Let our experienced chefs please your pallet with our award winning entrees and appetizers and desserts.

We cater affairs in house (synagogues and halls that we are affiliated with), at customers’ homes, country clubs, etc. Quality is everything. We can custom design the menu to suit your needs.

Some of our specialties include: European sweet and sour flanken, beef brisket and turducken (turkey, duck and chicken all boneless and rolled into one) Some of our appetizers include: vegetable cutlets, Scottish Smoked king salmon, our famous tuna steak salad and much more.

Financing for affairs is available.

Personal chef services are also available in your home. One of our chefs will prepare the menu, shop for groceries, go to your home and prepare several items which may include: appetizers, salads, side dishes, entrees and/or desserts . The food will be packaged and stored in your refrigerator and freezer. We will provide instructions for defrosting and reheating. Meals can also be prepared in our kosher kitchen and brought to you.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Kosherorganic.com representative regarding our products or catering services, please email: [email protected].

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